Strategies to Increase the Amount of housing loan of Government Housing Bank, Tesco Lotus Rama 4 Branch

  • เขมิกา ฉายวิเชียร The University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce
Keywords: Housing Loan, Government Housing Bank


Subject research Strategies to Increase the Amount of Housing loan at Government Housing Bank, Tesco Lotus Rama 4 branch aims to study the root cause of the problem, The home loan balance of the branch is lower than the target and to find ways to improve, plan to increase home loan balance to achieve the target. The research used to be a questionnaire to collected an information from borrowers who applied for loans through the housing allocation program by the Government Housing Bank, Tesco Lotus Rama 4 branch from December 2020 - January 2021, 125 people, including salesmen at the allocation project. The research instruments were questionnaires also interviews. And use the analysis method by giving Percentage and mean for lectures in order to use various perspectives to analyze problems that arise and find solutions for further problem solving.

The results of the study showed that the reasons for the Tesco Lotus Rama 4 branch failed to meet the loan target. The problem of insufficient personnel Lack of credit skills unprofessional no tracking providing advice to customers and lack of coordination with ongoing allocation projects Late credit approval affects decision-making on credit services through branch allocation schemes for loan applications. As a result, the credit balance does not increase until the goal did not achiev. Therefore, the branch must focus on staff development in order to create staff to be smart professional, in addition to building credibility of the corporate image and also creating an impression on both customers and project allocation to increasie customer base and the accomplish the goals.

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