The Study of Service Guideline

A Case Study of Urgent Projects according to the Government Policies on Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives

  • จักษณ์ขจร อนันตศิริรัตน์ ธ.ก.ส.
Keywords: Urgent Project, Government Policy, Service Improvement


The study on the guideline for customer service work, a case study of the urgent project of Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives according to the government policy aimed to study the problem and the root cause of the problem in customer service work in the urgent project according to government policy to apply the results of the study to find solutions to increase the efficiency of BAAC's services by using the fishbone diagram theory in order to find the root cause of the problem and concept of the improvement of  service quality in order to increase service efficiency. The research methodology was to collect questionnaires from 400 customers and interviews with 15 employees. Most of the customers were farmers and aged between 31-40 years of age and most of them graduated bachelor degree. Analysis of the root causes of problems from questionnaires showed that the customers with different occupations have different opinions on the employee service and the cause of the problem in employee interviews and the cause of the problem, based on the employee interview, was  the personnel service process, environment and service tools. Therefore, the proposed short-term solution was the service management problem that should be solved to be better quickly. In the long run, the bank should address the issue of entering into an agreement with the government, developing a system to be a standard and there should be a training and tracking the employee’s performance.

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