Feasibility Study of Beam Saber Gunpla Shop

  • สาริศา จิตร์ศิริ มหาวิยาลัยรังสิต
Keywords: feasibility study, composite model


This study aims to study the feasibility of Beam saber Gunpla Shop business to assess the feasibility of the project. Which consists of situation analysis, marketing plan analysis, action plan analysis, manpower plan analysis, and financial plan analysis. From the analysis according to the aforementioned steps, the target group is male and interested in products from animation who have a middle income and live in Bangkok. The target group also have a hobby of collecting and assemble models and likes to build community from building models and painting in the workshop. There is a marketing mix which consists of Product strategy, Pricing, Distribution channels and Marketing promotion, Service capacity, Service volumes, and service procedures are planned and defined. The project's payback period is within the first year of operation. With a net present value (Net Present Value; NPV) equal to 8,402,837.57 baht and an internal rate of return (IRR) of 209%, it can be concluded that this project is feasible and suitable for investment.

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