Preparation of the Cotton Fiber Coated with MnO2 Catalyst for Formaldehyde Removal Application

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Keywords: Formaldehyde removal, Manganese dioxide, Catalyst, Cotton fiber, Chemical precipitation


This research aim was to prepare cotton fiber coated with a manganese dioxide (MnO2) catalyst for formaldehyde removal. The cotton fiber obtained from the natural fiber was soaked with a mixing solution of potassium permanganate and ammonium oxalate at the different soaking times to prepare the cotton fiber coated with MnO2 catalyst. The crystal structure, chemical composition, and adhesion of MnO2 catalysts on cotton fiber were investigated. The results show that the pure phase of MnO2 can be prepared from the mixing solution. The adhesion of MnO2 catalyst on cotton fiber increased with increasing the soaking time. The cotton fiber coated with MnO2 catalyst was tested the formaldehyde removal with initial formaldehyde concentration at 5 ppm in the closed chamber. The behavior of formaldehyde removal was exponential decay in the range of 0 to 90 mins. In addition, the formaldehyde removal efficiency of cotton fiber coated with MnO2 catalyst was higher than 90%