Quality of Work Life of Foreign Workers At Rong Kluea Market

  • กฤษฎา พรหมเรศ Rsu
Keywords: Quality of Work Life, migrant workers, Rong Kluea Market


The purpose of this study was to describe the quality of work life of migrant workers At Rong Kluea market. The scope of research is as follows: 1.) To study quality of life in working and lifestyle. of foreign workers At Rong Kluea market., 2.) To study problems arising from work and life. of migrant workers At Rong Kluea market and 3.) To study future lifestyle planning of migrant workers At Rong Kluea market. In which the researcher selected the informants as female-male migrant workers of Cambodian nationality who worked At Rong Kluea market, aged 18 years and over, Seven people could communicate in Thai language, for the convenience of collecting information by interviewing. The quality of life of migrant workers is that they seek opportunities to improve their lives. They will choose a job that is suitable for yourself and a stable job and find a job with benefits to help them survive. The finding found that for better life of living they foreign workers need a work permit and develop skills for employer’s acceptable. At present the border closed because of virus covid 19 outbreak crisis reasoning why foreign workers shortage.

According to their plan, they work and save money enough for better living when returned their country.

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