A development of marketing strategies for social media as a marketing tool: A cases of Shopee and Lazada platforms

  • Boonnpa Potisawang -
  • Phunpiti Bhovichitra
Keywords: Social Media Marketing, Marketing Tools, Online Shopping Platforms, Electronic Marketplace


Social media becomes a part of people's daily routine and becomes more influential to the behavior of consumers. Many businesses inevitably use social media as a channel to increase their revenues. However, many existing offline companies are suddenly coming to terms with troubles turning themselves into online forces to change their marketing strategies. The purpose of this research is to explore the influence of social media on consumer behavior, to determine behaviors of consumers on online shopping platforms, to identify the difference in decision making process between offline and online, and to study the change in marketing strategies affected by rapid growth of social media. The online screening question is handed out to qualify 27 participants who have experienced online shopping platforms and are over 18 years old. The result shows that social media is influential in terms of incentivizing and introducing products, the behavior of online shoppers are varied by age, the decision making process between offline and online shopping is not considerably different, and the most effective marketing strategies are search engine optimization, social media advertising, user experiences and user interfaces. The suitable way to do marketing for different age groups is pointed out within the discussion including the factors that accelerate their decision making process

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