Attitude of investing in digital assets, an e-book case study

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Keywords: Attitude of investing in digital assets, e-book


The purpose of this research is to study the interest in investing in digital assets, an E-book case study, which uses a survey research method. The sample group was people who read books, online content and e-book of 400 people using questionnaires as a tool to collect data. analyzed by using statistical methods. It consists of frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation, cross tabulation and chi-square test.

The results showed opinions that digital assets have value in themselves, accessibility of digital assets and security of digital assets affects investment interest in digital assets, E-book case study at the 0.05 level of significance, and opinions on the purchase of books to collect, i.e. the bestseller book, the first published book and special edition’s book affects investment’s attitude in alternative assets case study E-book at the level of significance 0.05.