Study of Project Proposal Knowledge for Budget outsources Institute

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Keywords: Research Project Proposal, Research Project, External Funding


The objective of this research is to study the body of knowledge from the research project proposal and techniques for writing research proposals and to study the problems / obstacles in writing research proposals from external funding sources including the criteria/conditions specified by the source of funds From the results of the study of the sample group Researchers supported and not funded There are tools used to research the interview format. closed and open It looks like a response (Checklist) and comment Data were analyzed using SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Science for Window) program, mean ( )  and standard deviation (S.D.) were analyzed. and criteria/conditions specified by the funding source. There are 11 observations as follows: 1.Title 2.Research team 3. Summary of the proposal 4.Principles and reasons/problems/research problems 5.Objectives 6. Research/development framework 7.Research concepts, theories and hypotheses 8.Research methods and methods of conducting research 9.Research action plan 10.Research project budget expenditure plan 11.Output/outcome/impact which researchers of the Faculty of Agricultural Technology that receives budget support to be used as a research tool in accordance with the criteria and conditions set by the funding source Considering the difficulty of writing a research proposal at moderate level, 4 items are: Conceptual Framework (bar{X}) = 2.92 Introduction ( bar{X}) = 2.67 Related Documents (bar{X}) = 2.50 Discussion of Results. (bar{X}) = 2.50 and 1 problem/obstacles in writing a research proposal at high level, i.e. research problem (bar{X}) = 3.75, is the first problem/obstacles. of writing a research proposal.