Professionalism in Life Insurance Sales

  • สุประภา จารุทะวัย
Keywords: Professionalism, Life Insurance Sales, Life Insurance Company


This research has two objectives, including 1) to examine professionalism in the insurance industry and 2) to propose recommendations on the development of professionalism in the insurance industry. A qualitative research method was employed to collect data, including in-depth interviews with ten key informants selected through purposive sampling. The participants consisted of executives and experts of an insurance company who had over ten years of work experience. A content analysis was then conducted to identify patterns and key elements of the collected data.

According to research findings, there are four themes identified in this study, including 1) insurance knowledge, 2) salesmanship, 3) personality, and 4) customer acquisition and expansion. Regarding insurance knowledge, it was obviously essential for life insurance agents to provide thorough insurance information for clients. Insurance agents should have an understanding of insurance products and keep developing themselves in order to offer and advise on life insurance coverage that meets the needs of customers. In terms of salesmanship and insurance sales techniques to attract customers, it was required that insurance agents speak clearly about insurance policy and information with a service-minded attitude and sales skills development. Regarding personality, it was found that self-discipline is the key to success in making a clear and detailed plan for smooth business operations and problem-solving performance. In addition, personality formation is also important, including good dress, politeness, humility, and friendliness. In terms of customer acquisition and expansion, it was found that after-sales services are essential to consistently support every detail of life insurance for each client in order to achieve sustainable marketing. Furthermore, sincere and honest services are required to expand the customer base.