Mobile Application in Fashion-Owned Brands that Impact Buying Behaviour during COVID-19 Pandemic, THAILAND

  • Keawlee Sangteanparpai
  • Srisongruk Prohmvitak
Keywords: Mobile Shopping, Mobile Application, Consumer Behaviour, Online Purchasing, Digital Transaction, Word of Mouth


Technological advancement has shifted the importance of mobile phone or smartphone technologies and have a larger impact on individuals, businesses, and society, owing to their intelligence. Additionally, they have penetrated swiftly to raise knowledge of the new dynamic market environment, which has left many commercial organizations or corporations perpetually on the lookout for new and innovative strategies to expand and retain marketshare. This paper presents a mobile application for fashion brands to design and introduce their own applications in order to remain competitive on the worldwide market. Additionally, this research explores the impact on various consumer behaviors and the repercussions of utilizing a mobile shopping application in a fashion brand to look for fashion products and share information; therefore, digital transaction experience explains purchasing decisions. Data are gathered via questionnaire’s survey as part of a quantitative research. The findings indicated that mobile applications in fashion brands are the most powerful predictors of consumer’s deliberate behavior, while also providing security and confidentiality for information sharing. The data research revealed that consumers felt more secure when shopping online using fashion brands' mobile applications. While this study examined only four mobile applications from fashion businesses including H&M, Uniqlo, Zara, Topshop, and MUJI, future studies could examine further on the differences in trust and motivation between the four mobile applications. The critical components in establishing consumer trust is that mobile applications can create an increase in brand loyalty. Additionally, there is consideration of comprehensive service recovery characteristics such as response time, functionalities, and facilitates to aid in the process of acquiring fashion items through a specific brand mobile application platform.