Consumer Decision Factors of Choosing to Buy A Digital Form or Physical Form of Video Game

  • Tanunrat Napakornwattananon
  • Kritsada Sriphaew
Keywords: Digital Video Game, Physical Video Game, Decision Factor, Consumer Preference, Social Trend


With the advancing of the technology, which is spreading widely to many business industries, video gaming is one of them where it shows the ability of developed technologies more obviously because it increases satisfaction in player experiences. This research studies the consumer decision factors which lead to different consumer preference of choosing to buy digital or physical forms of video game, using an online screening question to qualified respondents and select 30 interviewees involved in the qualitative study. The result shows that the people who choose digital copies of video game highly care about social interaction. The people who choose physical copies see the value of connection within the group. People who are interested in both forms were convinced by the technology of the game. This research also applied the EKB model to analyze the decision-making process of 30 participants, where it shows that technology is not a main factor that leads consumers to actual purchasing but it is the social trends.