Tools for promoting the development of imagination and Creativity thinking in young children

  • Chananad Limlak Rangsit University


Imagination and creativity are not talents but are basic abstract ideas that are inherent in all human beings, with which we can apply our imagination and creativity in the real world in many ways and produce new results, which will spark the dreams of what we will do, including many inspiration for our lives, until when we all grow into adults, have many responsibilities by encountering with a more realistic world, with many important factors in living, resulting in our imagination and creativity, so gradually disappeared. That's why people consider imagination and creativity to be less important in our daily lives and far from us can only be found in art or design but in fact, it is close to us and has many benefits, such as helping us to think, solve problems in different ways and being creative allows us to see things around us in a different light. This results in a more cheerful and positive personality. According to various researches, it has been found that the age suitable for Enhancing imagination and creativity will occur in children, which will have a positive effect on both the body and mind.

In this research to study to study the factor to stimulate imagination and creativity including study the design process of tools that promote the development of the imagination and creativity so the researcher therefore has an idea to create tools to enhance creativity, release imagination and improve cognitive skills.

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