Practical and light equipment for the curious explorer

  • SHIZHEN TANG Rangsit university
Keywords: Elastic Straps, Convenient, Lightweight


Here’s Curious Explorer means a day trip or short-distance traveler. Backpacks are equipment for curious explorers, But traditional backpacks have a problem with taking out items. Like(Sunscreen/Hat/ Power Bank/ Cellphone/ Tissues/ Pen/ Mask/ Sunglasses/ Water Bottle/ Cash wallet/ Passport...) How to get these items out of the backpack more easily. And people can feel a significant increase in pressure on their shoulders after carrying a heavy backpack for some time. How to reduce the weight of the backpack or make the user feel lighter. The backpack can be designed and made to test the feasibility of the design, and then refined to make it work. For example, the backpack can be cut into two bags and placed separately on the front of the chest for easy access to items in the backpack. The elastic shoulder straps can be used to reduce the load, so we can connect the elastic straps to the backpack, allowing the backpack to swing up and down to counteract the pressure, similar to the principle of a soft stretcher swinging up and down. The backpack's easy access design works, but because the pack is broken down into two bags, the two bags sway against each other when they are placed behind the back and the user is walking. The practicality of the elastic straps is low and after a period of use, they will fail, meaning they will lose their elasticity and will not work. So the question of how to maintain the effectiveness of the elastic straps or find suitable replacements will be an issue in the future.


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