Factors of Brand Perception in Xiaomi Brand Smartphones of consumers that affect purchasing decisions in Chonburi Province

  • สุภาวดี สารภักดิ์ มหาวิทยาลัยหอการค้าไทย
Keywords: brand awareness, brand smartphone Xiaomi, purchase decision


This research aims to study personal factors, factors of brand perception from marketing communications and factors of consumer perception of Xiaomi brand smartphones affecting purchase decisions in Chonburi Province. The sample group is a group of consumers in Chonburi Province who use a smartphone using a questionnaire 400 people. The tool is questionnaire. The statistics analyzed by percentage, frequency, standard deviation, T-test, One- way ANOVA and multiple linear regression analysis. The results of the study found that the consumers in Chonburi province with smartphone use with gender factor different factors affecting purchasing decisions in Chonburi Province are significantly different at the statistical level of 0.05. The integrated marketing communication factor in term of advertising marketing communications, sales promotion, public relations, the management of sales staff had an effect on purchasing decision in Chonburi Province with statistical significance at 0.05 level. The brand awareness factors in term of brand loyalty in connection with the brand, the perceived quality of the brand affects purchasing decision in Chonburi province with statistical significance at 0.05 level.

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