Accessible Packaging Design for The Elderly

  • liu miao Rangsit university
Keywords: Aging, Food packaging, Humanization, Accessibility, Elderly


With the aggravation of population aging, the elderly are taking an increasing proportion in social life. Due to aging, their physical abilities are declining, and they urgently need attention from all walks of life, especially designers. Food is an indispensable part of people's daily life. In recent years, as aging becomes more and more serious, the issue of age-appropriateness of food packaging has gradually drawn people's attention to the role of food packaging in transmitting food information and protecting food, however, some current products on the market do not show the age-appropriateness of packaging, often ignoring the real visual and psychological needs of the elderly. In this paper, we will analyze the existing problems in the elderly-friendly food packaging and propose food packaging design strategies to improve the efficiency of information transmission in the elderly-friendly food packaging.

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