Design to enhance kid's perception of body beauty

  • Yanyan Huang Rangsit university
Keywords: Body image, Standard of body beauty, Acceptance of the body, Body anxiety, Beauty.


In recent years, more and more people have been experiencing body image anxiety. People's misconceptions about their own body image lead to a range of problems. This can trigger body dissatisfaction attitudes lower levels of self-esteem and in severe cases health problems such as anorexia. The goal of this paper is to take feasible ways to effectively prevent such problems in advance and to establish proper body aesthetics and positive body acceptance attitudes. It allows children to gradually build up their self-confidence and treat their bodies correctly during their early growth. Through the picture book as a carrier, to convey the diversity of aesthetic as the viewpoint, through the story and text content, the character image to let children feel the picture book story brought about by the reflective meaning.

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