Multifunctional packaging for cultural products

  • piyun Luo rangsit University
Keywords: Cultural products, packaging, multifunctional, environmental protection.


Dali is a famous tourist city in China. With beautiful scenery and a long history, various ethnic groups interact with each other and produce many cultural products. However, cultural products are difficult to break through.With the development of society, people have higher and higher requirements for products, and the pollution to the environment is also increasing. 40% of urban household waste is packaging waste. Environmental protection has always been the theme of the world, starting from the cultural products themselves, to study new environmental protection packaging materials, so that packaging is not only the added value of the product, but also can exist independently and become a tourist souvenir, and give functions.

        Through the investigation of Dali tourism market, and residents to the treatment of packaging, the data graph. With cultural products as the center, with the purpose of using environmental protection packaging materials, reflecting multi-functional packaging and cultural inheritance, we make a multi-functional packaging for cultural products.In order to realize this design, we actively talk with tourists, understand customer needs, learn excellent design cases, study new packaging materials, and form our own design style through continuous learning. Increase Dali tourism income at the same time to spread culture, new packaging materials research, but also protect the environment at the same time, provide new ideas for packaging design.

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