Plant packaging for transportation (to reduce damage during shipping process)

  • Thapanit Prougestapon Rangsit university
Keywords: plant packaging, Transportation, cactus, packaging, protect soil


During the Covid-19 situation, people have spent more time in their homes than going outside. People can’t even travel out of the province that they live in. A lot of people in Bangkok live in condominiums or apartments where no pets are allowed. Another way to release loneliness is taking care of plants, but all markets are closed. In addition, Thai superstars are starting to take care of plants. So, people have started to become more interested in plants. So, they need to buy plants from online shops. However, it’s a new thing for farmers to pack and deliver them via delivery services, which causes a lot of problems for sellers and buyers. The most important problem of delivering plants is damage sustained during delivery. For this reason this study amis 1)to design packaging to pack cactus more easily with better protect and 2)to design cactus packaging that can be used benfit.

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