Book design for children with developmental disabilities

  • yang ziwen rangsit university
Keywords: book design, interaction design, sensory experience, autistic child.


With the development of the times, More and more people are paying attention to the physical and mental health of children. The particularity of children with developmental disabilities makes them have to carry out special rehabilitation learning. Book learning is one of the important means of children's learning. Based on the analysis of autistic children's cognitive characteristics, causes and daily behaviors, this paper designs a book that can help autistic children develop. Autistic children are more prominent in visual and tactile the article combines sensory theory to make them play a role in books, enhance the learning experience of books, and make books more suitable for autistic children. Secondly, analyze the successful cases of interactive books, design books with interactivity, to a certain extent, reduce the inherent defects, and alleviate the development barriers of autistic children. At the same time, pay attention to the field of children's book design, and let more people pay attention to this group of "children from stars".

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