Educational toys to enhance mother-child communication

  • YUTONG LIU Ransit University
Keywords: mother-child communication, education, toy, design, interactive



Parent-child interaction is an important way to enhance parent-child relationship. Parent-child interaction products are an important medium to close the parent-child relationship. However, many parent-child products do not achieve effective parent-child interaction and emotional satisfaction. The purpose of this paper is to explore reasonable ways of parent-child interaction and design methods of parent-child interaction products through the study of 6-9 years old school children and their mothers. This paper studies child psychology and parent-child interaction from the fields of psychology and product design. By comparing with traditional parent-child interaction, this paper analyzes the shortcomings of traditional parent-child interaction, and designs from the perspective of parent-child emotion. Secondly, with 6-9 years old school children and their mothers as target users, in-depth research and analysis are carried out. Then, through questionnaire survey and in-depth interview, parent-child users are investigated and studied to explore the potential needs of users and refine the design principles of product design. Finally, through theoretical research and user analysis, parent-child interactive products are designed to complete the product design practice. Based on the problems existing in parent-child interaction and the interaction needs of users, from the perspective of emotional interaction, this paper changes the focus of interaction from the interaction between people and products to the promotion of interaction between people through the medium of products, and then rises to the cultivation of parent-child emotion, which is of great significance to the formation of a good parent-child relationship and the healthy growth of children.

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