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Keywords: Warehouse Management, ABC Analysis, Increasing Efficiency of Inventory Management


This research aimed to increase efficiency of the inventory management for the case study of automotive part of toy company and reduce the time taken to pick-up part component from the inventory of Vrac store to the assembly section. The inventory had a problem with the data in the system which is seriously monitored in the data-base that was to present on operating results and it’s not real time of summary so this problem making effect to  another department that is planning section when doing the weekly plan. The labour cannot seeking the goods as well, getting waste of time to pick-up because they don’t have been setting the zoning and the specific area for classification. The purpose of the study are to study the causes of waiting in the production process. To optimize the accuracy of inventory data. To study how to improve the efficiency of inventory operations.

The Author applied inventory control of ABC analysis and setting the new layout. Group A based on an inventory of high value and a high rate of annual usage, inventory counting will be counted every month. Group B checked the inventory with triple of frequency per year and Group C performs the counting two time per year. A second approach was to improve the procedure storage for labour by doing inventory control based on ABC analysis and to fill completely on work sheets anytime. And the third approach was to improve the inventory layout by do increasing the two rack to support working processes. The results demonstrated that inventory control system using ABC Analysis which decreased piking time 48.49% in the VRAC, 45.54% in Component, up 66.67% and 33.33% in VRAC and Component Coque storage, that can help to optimize inventory management and increase internal-customer satisfaction.  

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