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Keywords: Halal Food, Islamic Law, Economic


The purpose of this research is to study the role of Halal Food in Dimension of Islamic Law and Economic. Qualitative was used in this research. Data were collected from relevant documents and descriptive analysis was employed.

The research found that Halal Food has an important role in the following dimensions:

  1. Spiritual dimension, Halal Food is one of the things that make the human mind more cautious, enhancing the faith of the good.
  2. Physical dimension, having a beneficial Halal Food is good and make body growing properly.
  3. Life dimension, Allah will increase the goodness of the people who eat Halal Food.
  4. Social dimension, Halal Food cause good behavior, resulting in a peaceful society.
  5. Halal Food is one of the important conditions in accepting the request. While the request for food from the Haram Food was denied and easily rejected.
  6. Dimensions of the Day of Resurrection, Halal food is a treat for one's sufferings and punishments.
  7. Production dimension, because Muslims are one of the major consumers of the world. Many regions are awake to operate the Halal Food industry.
  8. Export Business Dimension, Halal Food is currently only available for household consumption. The world today linked together by the Halal Food international market system. Halal food is one of the great interests for export business.

The results of this study can encourage all those involved in Halal Food to focus on Halal Food. At present, Halal Food production covers raw materials, production process, place, production equipment, packaging, storage, transportation and selling. It is proposed to continue the research project to cover all Halal Food production.

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