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Keywords: Oboe recital, Oboe


This dissertation aims to publicise pieces written specifically for Oboe either in solo or in chamber music,  to suggest efficient ways of practices, and to indicate the difficulties of playing this instrument. The pieces  presented in this document require such a high level of techniques and experiences as they are composed of various from Baroque to Romantic era. Thus, these pieces would lead listeners to understand the development of music and various technique of composition for oboe. There will be 4 pieces: two of them are concerto, and the rest are chamber works or trio, which consist of 3 kinds of music instruments. For all the knowledge and information, researcher has been studied from various books from domestic and international sources.

According to the research, to perform an oboe solo requires a consistent practice due to difficulty of each note which have a different technique and understanding. An obstacle while playing Oboe is durability, finger mobility. Oboe has been known as one of the hardest instruments because it has high resistance which make it harder to control the tone while you are exhaling. This thesis explains how to control your breathe and how to reduce pressure that usually occurs while playing.

In addition, a piece which is chosen by the researcher is c workshamber. This type of music must be practiced together in group for harmony and interpretation for a better understanding of composition. Moreover, most oboists prepare and make their own reed for the performance so for the best result they need to work out an effective scheduled plan.

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