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Keywords: Purchasing Behavior, Construction Materials


The Purpose of this study, Purchasing Behavior in Muang District Surat Thani, was to study the consumer behavior affecting the purchase of construction materials and to study the relationship between consumer behavior and purchase of Construction materials in Muang District. Surat Thani. The sample of this study was 384 contractors who purchased construction materials in Muang district, Surat Thani province. The tool used in this Research was a questionnaire. Statistics used in descriptive analysis, the mean and Chi squared

The study indicated that

  1. Contractor behavior affecting the purchase of building materials in Muang District Surat Thani Province found that the behavior of the type of goods to buy in the shop building materials and tools most. The purchase of building materials to use to build the most. Know the store building materials purchased by the person, family or relative most. The most convenient time to visit the building materials store is from 12.00 am to 1.00 pm The most convenient day to visit building materials shop Monday - Friday. The media makes note of the building materials store that buys most labels. The reason to buy building materials from the shop, the most convenient parking location. The cost of buying construction materials is on average 50,001- 100,000 baht.
  2. Purchasing of building materials in Muang District Surat Thani found that the physical environment has a place to wait for customers. Products The reputation is unknown. At the time of opening and closing of the store, convenient to use. The staff is polite, friendly with customers, the price is reasonable price. Service Process The process of ordering fast and easy marketing promotion. Sweepstakes or prizes for those who come to buy.
  3. Consumer behavior was related to the purchase of building materials in Amphoe Muang. Surat Thani in the physical environment. Products On-Site Personnel Pricing Marketing promotion
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