• นครินทร์ ชานะมัย
Keywords: Marketing Management, Digital TV Station, Marketing Communication


This research aims to study 1) the marketing management of digital television stations and 2) the marketing communications planning model of digital television stations in Thailand. The instruments used in this qualitative research were in-depth interviews with well-qualified experts in digital television. The sample group selected 9 persons by purposive sample method, which divided into 2 groups: 1) 6 digital television executives and  2) 3 those involved in media planning and purchasing. This research was analyzed by descriptive analysis.

                The research found that digital TV operators have changed marketing planning. The direction of communication is based on the state of the technological advances. Along with the way to support the development of communications technology, it will increase and expand the opportunities for businesses to reach and reach their target audience by the potential of technology. Therefore, the future of digital communication plan is the development of communication tools, which is the most effective in online communication and appropriate to the digital lifestyle of consumers. This is a change of pace of technological advancement.

Marketing communication planning model of digital television stations in Thailand 4.0 is the way to make business successful by producing content items matches to the audience's preferences. This resulted in an increase in the audience base. Social media is a tool for online marketing communication, such as branding on Facebook, selling products on YouTube. In addition, the station should increase the engagement activity to make the audience more aware and remember the channel name, channel, logo and other items of the station more because the audience confused and unrecognizable. This includes specific activities and creates a positive image for both online and offline marketing communication.

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