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Keywords: sustainable development


Research A study of the satisfaction level of the sweet market affecting the sustainable business. 1. To study the level of satisfaction of customers who shop at the market. 2. To study the level of satisfaction of merchants coming to the market. 3. To formulate strategies for sustainable development. This research is a survey. The study sample The first sample group was 200 traders. The second sample group was 200 buyers. The data were collected by questionnaire. SPSS for Mac

The research found that 76 (38.00%) had 76 secondary education (38.00%) and 137 marital status. 68.50%). The average monthly income is there were 73 persons (36.50%) in the sample. The sample group consisted of 76 persons (38.00%) and 171 persons (85.50%). %). Most of the merchandise was 49 (24.50%). Most of the samples were 55 (55%), 55 (41-50%). 27.50%) have secondary education. 43.50% had a marital status of 113 (56.50%). Average monthly income 73 persons (36.50%), 76 persons (38.00%) used the service 7 days a week, 61 persons (30.50%). The product factor found that the entrepreneurs satisfied. On a very high level In particular, the reputation of the market is known. In the opinion of the customer, the product factor in the quench level as well. Customers are very satisfied with the variety of products to choose. Both groups provide high level of satisfaction with product factors. Price factors were found to be high level of satisfaction among entrepreneurs. The highest quality rental price from all 4 issues. The customer satisfaction level is very high in the price factor. There are 2 issues that customers are very satisfied. In terms of market prices are reasonable and cheap compared to department stores. Distribution channel factors found that the operators were very satisfied. The location of the sales office is convenient to travel. In the corner of the customer, the channel factor in the level of satisfaction. And in terms of location, convenient to travel. Is in the same way Marketing promotion factors were found to be moderate in satisfaction. In the case of advertising, public relations to the market. The issue is the most points from 3 points in the view of the customer. Provide moderate satisfaction in marketing promotion factors. The customer can test the product. That score more than other issues. Personality factors were found to be high level of satisfaction among entrepreneurs. In the care of the owner. The opinions of customers and the personal factors were high. The physical characteristics are found to be very satisfying both for the entrepreneur and the customer. The operator will focus on the safety of the market. And customers are important in the market is clean. Shopping convenience Process factors found that the operators were very satisfied. In the matter of accuracy and fairness in the contract and payment.  In terms of customer feedback, it is very satisfying. In terms of providing security services to customers.

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