Fallen Star for Jazz Orchestra

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Keywords: Fallen Star, Jazz Orchestra, Jazz


The Fallen Star for jazz orchestra is compose under the philosophy of life and Buddhism which emphasized the personal identity, the encounters with trauma and sufferings, and the self-acceptance. The composition is done using a combination of musical ideas from the contemporary jazz, Latin and classical music in the 20th century. The structure of the composition is divided into three sections. The first section focused on the ideas of chord voicings and the approaching to the main chord. The second section give importance in term of the twelve-tone music to create six rows of the twelve-tone row arranged by the month, date, and year of birth of the researcher: 04, 29, and 86, respectively. The last section employed the concept of rhythmic displacement combined with above-mentioned methods to convey the life experience through the Fallen Star. Consequently, the composition was found to fulfil the objectives and was released to the public at the Thailand International Jazz Conference, played by the Jazz Orchestra of Nakhon Ratchasrima Ratchabhat University.


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