A Framework for Developing an Open House Registration System by Using Spiral Process Model

  • ณัฐพล ใจปินตา
  • ปณิธิ เนตินันทน์
Keywords: Open house, Spiral model, System Design, Recruitment System


This research is the design and development of the Open house application system using system development methods with spiral design. The purpose of this research was to develop an open house application system for the graduate level that will reduce the process and time of applying for the applicant, help to reduce restrictions on location and time for admission of graduate programs, record the information of the applicant through online communication, replace the application and printing documents with paper, and is an opportunity for students or those interested to apply easily and at all times. The system is developed in the form of Web Application. The languages used for developing the system are HTML, C# with Microsoft Visual Studio .Net 2017, and JavaScript for website design by designating Bootstrap to work with Internet Information Services (IIS) server and connecting with Microsoft SQL Server 2016 (SQL Server). This system development serves to cut down paper documents and on the other hand, to increase the accuracy in making correction and verification, as well as to make follow-up easier and faster. The system is designed System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) based on Spiral model that works in a cycle (Analysis-Design-Implementation-Testing), and the cycle will repeat until the system is completed. Our development using SDLC in this model has the most flexibility because 1) completion of one cycle does not necessarily provide a system or part of a system; 2) each cycle of Analysis, Design, Implementation and Testing can vary in length; 3) if not necessary, some steps can be skipped. When a system design is conceptualized, there must be a strategy for implementation to achieve a complete, usable and efficient system. This is called, “Methodology” to achieve a complete product. In other words, rapid application development is the application of technologies for development of an efficient system to meet users’ requirements.