The Development of Listening and Speaking Skills in Chinese Vocabulary Using TPR Teaching Method of Grade 4 Thai Students

  • Yuning Yang
  • ชิดชไม วิสุตกุล
Keywords: Listening Skills, Speaking Skills, Chinese vocabulary, Total Physical Response Method (TPR)


This study aims to 1) compare the listening and speaking skills in Chinese vocabulary of Thai grade 4 students before and after learning by using the TPR teaching method and 2) examine their satisfaction towards the TPR teaching method. Through cluster random sampling, 33 samples who were Thai students from a grade 4 class in the second semester of the academic year 2019 at a private school in Bangkok were included in the study. Research instruments comprised 1) three Chinese learning management plan, 2) a test of listening and speaking skills in Chinese vocabulary, and 3) a questionnaire on students' satisfaction towards learning through the TPR teaching method. Statistical analysis consisted of arithmetic mean, standard deviation, and dependent t-test.

Research results revealed that grade 4 Thai students demonstrated better skills in listening and speaking Chinese vocabulary after the learning by TPR teaching method than before, at a statistical significance level of .05. Grade 4 Thai students are satisfied with learning Chinese vocabularies by TPR teaching method with a high level of mean in overall (x̄ = 4.40, S.D. = 0.82).

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