Problem Solving Warehouse Management Autoparts Business Case Study Jirawut Motors

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Keywords: Autoparts, Autoparts warehouse, E-Commerce


The study of warehouse problems in Autoparts business, Jirawut Motor store, found that their workers are facing difficulties in finding product in the warehouse. According to the data, some products were damaged because of the wrong preservation methods and stock management. This resulted in reordering products. This research is aimed to find new solution to solve warehouse problems and design new warehouse structure in order to increase business growth. First, using 5 S rules to modify the warehouse; cleaning and rearranging products to increase spaces in the warehouse, installing software to set product codes instead of handwriting, designing new warehouse and creating online marketing. As a result, the warehouse is orderly arranged and reducing taken time to find product from 16.13 minutes to 6.59 minutes, which decreased 9.54 minutes. The unfounded product frequency is reducing from 243 times to 24 times in 5 months. (About 90.12%) The frequency of monitoring damaged product is reducing from 117 products to 9 products in 5 months. (About 92.31%) and reordering from 66 times to 12 times in 5 months. (About 81.82%). The circulation is boosted 64,200 baht in 5 months. The research team has presented new strategy to the store in order to increase distributed channels through E-Commerce

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