A Study of Process Improvement to Increase Efficiency and Reduce Operation Costs in The Oil Palm Bunch Collection Centers Of Case Study Xyz Co., Ltd.

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Keywords: ECRS, Multiple Activity Chart, Time Study


The objective of this study is to study of process improvement to increase efficiency and reduce operation costs in the oil palm bunch collection centers of case study XYZ Co., Ltd. Is a solution to problems occurring in the oil palm bunch of the palm trunk with the aim of reducing the losses that occur including the benefits and efficiency in the operation process reducing the cost of overtime operations of employees of the oil palm bunch from studies and  collection of data, By using the tools cause and Effect diagram, Multiple activity chart, Time study in the process of palm pouring and evaluating palm, Apply the ECRS principles to improve the new operational processes. Then simulate the design by using Arena Simulation program.

The results showed that, before the improvements of the case study it has the efficiency of servicing up to 45 wheels per day, normal operation of the original 8 hours. In the past, 18 wheels took 49 minutes. Therefore, the use of multiple activity charts and ECRS principles have been applied. After the company process improvement, the case study The efficiency of the service is increased by 71 wheels per day of normal operation time. The 18 wheeler takes 24 minutes compare as a percentage. The volume of palm service cars increased by 20.34%, the process efficiency of the palm plantation increased by 54.31%, the unemployment rate decreased by 93.03%, overtime costs decreased by 100% from results, if put into practice. A case studies can reduce the cost of overtime operations in front of the palm trunk by 90,000 baht per year

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