Optimization Production Planning Process of Motorcycle Exhaust

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Keywords: Study, Human and Machine Chart, Standard Time Per Production Line, Motorcycle Exhaust


The purposes of this research study are to find the standard time for developing production processes and to identify the standard productivity. The problems included the lack of a standard system, the losses in the production process causing delays. and the uncontrollable production amounts and times. To solve the problems, the system was studied. The standard time was set. The problems were analyzed from the multiple activity chart (i.e. measuring the times spent by workers and machines). The principles of ECRS were applied to balancing the production lines. The improved process was used for simulations with the Arena Simulation program in order to obtain future guidelines and summarize results before implementations.

From the study found that Problems in production planning can't respond of service level for Customer. Therefore looking for ways, methods to solve problems by Time Study found that in actual work takes 491 seconds to produce 59 pieces per day. After the improvement, can reduce the working time 407 seconds to produce 72 pieces per day or Increase 22%. Which is also increasing sales opportunities for the organization.

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