Myanmar – Can the Economical Phoenix Rise Again from the Perspective of Myanmar Gen Z Living in Thailand

  • Kritsada Sriphaew Rangsit University International College
  • Naughtakid Phromchan
Keywords: Myanmar, Economic, Future Business, Perspective, Gen Z


With the fate Myanmar has to face and the changes that the government created, it is a huge challenge to bring Myanmar’s economy back to its old shine again. Regardless of the political usurpation, the new generation is always a hope for recovering the future of the country that passed through the war. Therefore, the perspective of Myanmar’s new generation who are living in Thailand is studied. The study focuses on how the new generation views to their country, and their idea of improving their country economic. This work also gave a deep insight of future business in Myanmar from the perspective of the new generation who are living abroad. Grounded theory was used for data analysis. Focus group interview was employed for collecting qualitative data. The result found that most of the Myanmar new generation do not have intention to return motherland in these two or three years due to the feel insecure of safety. This also effects to the selection of the preferred field of study including the job seeking and their place of living in the future. There are two different ideas of the future economic based on the direction of democracy of the country. If the democracy is not well established soon, the economic will be suspended for a period of time perhaps 10 years or more. Most of the finance will be supplied by those new generations who are living and working abroad by sending the money back to their families. On the other hand, if the democracy is returned to the country soon within two or three years due to the fact that Myanmar still need the support from outside, there are four potential business sectors that are the light of economic growth, i.e., financial, education, healthcare, hospitality and tourism sectors.

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