Trust in Nursing Services

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นวลใย พิศชาติ
เพ็ญจันทร์ แสนประสาน
วารี วณิชปัญจพล


Trustworthiness in health services is an essence component since it affects quality of health services. Building trust makes it acceptable to clients and nurses play an important role in trust-building. Trust in nursing services is possible; nurses need to develop their knowledge, practice, professional skills, and competencies that are consistent with their working environment and sociocultural context. Morality and ethics is vital for trust building in clients, colleagues, and nursing team.

This article reviewed concept of trustworthiness and nursing services, and how to develop nurses’ competencies to establish trust with people and clients towards nursing services. Nurses’ development should comprise: 1) enhancing nurses’ competency, nurses have to acquire knowledge and nursing skills in accordance with their roles and responsibilities, 2) developing personality and communication skills, nurses have to communicate clearly, concisely, and effectively as well as ably using information technology, 3) being able to build relationships through generosity, and 4) having leadership skills and vision, both leadership and vision can motivate clients and make team adhere to the proper guideline with willingness and satisfaction through impressive help and suggestion.

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