Circulating Tumor DNA Screening for Targeted Therapy A Promising Approach in Cancer Patients Care

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Circulating tumor DNA screening involves the analysis of tumor-derived DNA fragments that circulate in the bloodstream. By meticulously sequencing and scrutinizing this DNA, cancer specialists can uncover mutations and this technique have propelled it as a promising avenue for detecting genetic anomalies in cancer patients, while also serving as an approach to targeted therapy. Furthermore, there is potential for detecting residual diseases at a very minimal level, monitoring recurrence, and tracking the progression of cancer from its early stages. It assists medical practitioners in tailoring treatment strategies on time, provides reliable test outcomes for pre- and post-treatment, and facilitates more rapid assessment of treatment efficacy. Nevertheless, this screening test still faces limitations concerning sensitivity and testing standards, necessitating further development.

This article aimed to equip nurses with comprehensive insights into the realm of bloodstream tumor DNA screening, enable them to fulfill a role as educator and caregiver for accurate understanding of the patients, as well as promote and support patient participation in informed treatment planning decisions.

liquid biopsy, circulating tumor DNA, cancer patient’s care, targeted therapy

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