Factors Affecting the Customer Honesty towards Government Housing Bank (GHB) in Western Bangkok Offices

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Keywords: Customer honesty, Government Housing Bank, Credit service quality


The objective of this study aimed to investigate the factors affecting the customer honesty towards Government Housing Bank (GHB) in western Bangkok offices. Researchers collected data by using 139 questionnaires. Data was analyzed with independent t-test and one-way analysis of variance for finding out the association between demographics and credit service quality with the customer honesty towards GHB in western Bangkok offices. The factors affected on the customer honesty towards GHB in western Bangkok offices was evaluated using multiple linear regression analysis.
Results; Most of samples about 66.2% were female. Nearly half of sample (47.5%) were aged between 31 and 40 years. More than half of them (52.5%) were single. While about half of sample were graduated with bachelor degree and were civil servants or employees of state enterprises about 56.1% and 41.7%, respectively. Personal income of sample was ranged between 20,001 and 30,000 Baht about 30.2% of sample. Most of samples was the honest customers to GHB and had been the GHB customers more than one year about 33.1%. Furthermore, the predicted model results of the customer honesty towards GHB in western Bangkok offices reported that service concrete factor and customer confidence can positively predicted the credit customer honesty significantly (with B = 0.749; p-value = 0.001 and B = 0.119; p-value = 0.004, respectively) at significant level at 0.05. Therefore, a chief executive officer of bank should pay attention to the internal and external environment as well as within the office and various convenient facilities in order to treat the needs of customers for these reasons, they enables the planning of promotional activities in order to better serve the needs of consumers and to more provide a full range of services. Bank services are proper and are modern to current situation. They make the business competition which are always changing. Therefore, this element, honesty, is very important to fulfill service development, to create stability, progress and trust and to provide the highest quality.

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