• กัลยาภัสร์ รสิเสฏฐ์กุล
  • สุวิทย์ รัตนานันท์
  • Sridhar Ryalie
Keywords: Comfort, Silicone, Rubber tube


This research has purpose to study the concept of creating convenient and comfort at workplace. From work experience that needs relaxation and work comfort. Therefore studying the behavior of yourself during working and colleague around work area, the area on the desk, the various things that are used around in daily life.
Design to create comfort in the workplace presented in the form of a table. Use wood materials to ensure the strength of use and various work styles. Then cut the part of the wood in front of the table that the user must use to hang or place things on a regular basis. Removed and pour the silicone mixed with the tire into the cut out wooden compartment. Designed by using silicone rubber mixed with rubber tube, as a material to create work pieces. Has a soft and flexible contact surface that make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Along with being developed into a device for storing items on the desk, create interest through the surface. And also bringing the rubber material to create greater value. The researcher testing and created the workpiece in the form of a table. And equipment for storing things by using 100% silicone rubber mixed with 2% solid accelerator and 50% rubber mixture. The results showed that the silicone rubber was mixed softness and flexibility when used to create the area of the table. Meets the purpose of comfort and have been tested trial with the general public by touching the area of the silicone rubber. Laying hands, placing arms, use in various forms. The research found that in the area of silicone rubber on the work area of the desk is really comfortable according to the purpose. And can also help relax the muscles while sitting as well