Ignored Bounty:Creating value from bioresources

  • Nitipong Pukcharoen
  • Sridhar Ryalie
  • Pisprapai Sarasalin
Keywords: Ignored Bounty, Creating value, Bioresources


The leaves of trees and plants significantly impact the environment, people, and even the world. In addition to the various diseases affecting these parts of many types of plants, these problems have a vast effect throughout 10, 20, or even 100 years and cannot be solved by any straightforward method. This is because the leaves are withering every day and causing daily effects. Leaf problems can be reduced or alleviated by material modifications that can be applied to add value or overall benefits. The authors have therefore studied and researched how leaves can become a value-added item, and what steps must be taken. This study will positively impact people, the environment, and the planet. The authors have developed an idea of a value-added and beneficial change that does not negatively affect the environment. This is especially good for the people, who will be able to earn money and still use their sustainable resources. The process started with sketching out all of the possible ideas that might solve the problems. Then, the most suitable concept was selected and developed into several prototypes. After some improvements, the final prototype was successfully manufactured.


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