Aromachology with Thai scent

  • Atitiya Soontrarachun
  • Tnop Wangsillapakun
  • Pisprapai Sarasalin
Keywords: Scent, Fragrance, Thai Perfume, Unique, Identity, Thai Flower


The scents of Num-Prung, Nam-Aob, and Thai flowers are genuine. Moreover, their fragrance is quite different from that of other perfumes. Some brands still produce Num-Prung and Nam-Aob, but they are very rare in the perfume market. The Num-Prung, a Thai floral fragrance, is almost unrecognizable. Therefore, it is an opportunity to present unique fragrances made from Thai flowers to new target groups. This will create interest in the fragrance of Thai flowers and make the products of Thai flower fragrances more international.

The author intends to design a Thai perfume. To reach a diverse group of people with the production of a Thai perfume, the design of perfumery kits was studied based on research on 15 individual case studies and real brand case studies. In doing so, the authors concluded that smells can have a very good effect on them. In addition, the smell can also express their personalities. The authors envisioned that ordinary people can customise their scents like perfumes, as known as "Sukhon," to express their identities and carry those fragrances with easy-to-wear jewelry, such as bracelets or necklaces.