The study of perception to enhance the sense.

  • Pimpitcha Kleeblumjeak
  • Paijit Ingsiriwat
  • Tnop Wangsillapakun
Keywords: emotional design, context, interpret


Interestingly about emotional design, this thesis applies emotional design theory to explore and discover a relation between design products and people. This thesis focuses on variety of texture, shape and form tend to enhance people’s senses and also study other factors that affect to people’s perception.
This research aim to study the theory of emotional design and the levels of processing design objects. People tend to be impressed by appearance at first then they think about function of the object and reflect their emotion or related themselves to design object depends on culture, experience and taste. How they interact to detail in the design becomes the way people seeing themselves or reflect their feelings through them.
According to the research, it find that the first step is to define character of material explores ideas and technique to conduct a design objects which not only deliver message but also attractive. Even though people look at the exactly detail from the same context but they still have are different focus and different shade of though.


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