Slow Design Revisiting Slow for Well-being Life

  • Nattawat Jentumnukul
  • Sridhar Ryalie
  • Paijit Ingsiriwat
Keywords: Slow Design, Slow Movement, Concentrate, Well-Being Life, Grinder


When ‘Fast’ became a default in this world, people started to disconnect from their daily life. However, the word ‘slow’ has become more important and supported human life. The faster things become, the more we want to slow them down. Furthermore, people have started to be concerned about their lifestyle and have found ways to reconnect themselves and this world. That is how slow movement arises.

The authors intended to design objects to help people engage and reconnect to their daily life activities. After that, many research and case studies of slow design that created the inspiration of slow products were examined. Following this, the authors found that slowness could affect people through various processes in their life. Therefore, a slow grinder was designed from the understanding of the research on slow design, and several versions of ideas were sketched to make a 3D format. Finally, a prototype was created.


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