The space between noise and music: research into the art of sound

  • Jinjiang Zhang
  • David Schafer
  • Paijit Ingsiriwat
Keywords: Noise, Sound, Space, Visual Music


Hearing and vision are indispensable ways for human beings to understand society. However, with the rapid development of science and technology and the continuous improvement of people's spiritual needs, single-dimensional cognition has been unable to meet people's need to a certain extent. Therefore, the linkage between the senses has become a new development trend. With the advent of the age of picture reading, visual perception becomes an inevitable trend, while the rapid development of modern multimedia and the popularization of a variety of new media provide sufficient conditions and foundations for graphical visualization of music. In such a social drive, music visual visualization can try different forms of application.

As the deepening of the new champions league epidemic, both in isolation and home office requirements we need to stay at home for a long period of time, life and work in the same environment, plus there is no proper regulating mode, can make the mood affected by certain, so how to use sound art ascend space atmosphere improve people's mood is a crucial that occupy the home, The author's suggestion to this problem is to improve the sense of space atmosphere by designing a speaker that can see the beating rhythm of music to help people feel a different atmosphere at home, so as to improve the dull mood.


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