Nonlinear Methods for Exploring Narrative

  • อรญา จันทร์เกตุ
  • ไพจิตร อิ่งศิริวัฒน์
  • David Schafer
Keywords: Ergodic Literature, Non-Linear, Narrative


This research, the researcher studied Ergodic Literature which format is a complicated literature. Reader will find the reading format that changes all the time. The messages that require readers to make a different or greater than a normal effort to works together with the narrative of Choose Your Own Adventure Book with non-linear methods are the process of not being straightforward. Choose Your Own Adventure are written in the second person, the reader is the main character of the story and takes on a role in the adventure. The ending of the story will be good or bad depending on the decision of the reader and there is an option to decide for processing on their own. The format of the book allows for a sense of unpredictability and leads to repeat reading, which is one of the particularities to makes a difference from general books. The purpose of this research is to study the way of the emotional transfer from words in narrative design from texts movement, to allows readers to have an experienced that similar to watching movies or playing video games in modern digital technology that have a role related to the narrative as in books, to make participation and to be independent for decided on their own, create visual imagination or perceived value for conveying word’s meaning from text movement. The researcher is interested in bringing the traditional culture of Ergodic Literature to combined with modern digital technology that can interact, convey and awareness with readers more effectively. From the invent and design as mentioned above, this research just a prototype to be able to develop in the future.


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