Shadow Play: Light as a Storytelling Element

  • ฐัชชนม์ วรพิพัฒน์
  • ไพจิตร อิ่งศิริวัฒน์
  • David Schafer
Keywords: Storytelling, Perspective, Diorama


This research is a study about the influence of Light and Shadow that affect the perception, communication, create the story and causing unexpected imagination. The researcher started to study data of the light and shadow in the movie, perception to mood or feeling of objects and characters. Overlapping each other will cause the dimensions of images which light incident to make a shadow and direction of light. The purpose of the research is to study light and shadow that is the medium makes visibility and can affect the perception of emotion, understanding in the form of objects and created an experienced by seeing for make creativity. The researcher experiments to find something can stimulate children’s imagination by studying character behavior with light and shadow in an opaque cylinder. There are holes around that can see inside. In the outer indicated about the clues of each section. Inside is a layer of papers that used a Paper cut technique to simulate 5 layers of the narrative under the concept Discovery, the story of Rainforest. About the Rainforest, there are many high trees and clearly divided zones of the floor as well. There is a lot of light that shines on and has a perfect ecosystem. The result is the target audience responded well to the development of awareness and communication because of light was a medium that helped to see and influence the perception of emotional and understanding in the shape of objects.


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