The Influencer of Brand Image, Perceived Usefulness and Subjective Norm on Purchase Intention to Sugar-Free Candy Products of Consumers in Bangkok

  • วศะ ธรรมจักร
  • คมสัน ตันสกุล
Keywords: Brand Image, Perceived Usefulness, Subjective Norm, Intention to Purchase


The main purpose of this study was to explore the Influence of Brand Image, Perceived Usefulness, and Subjective Norm to Purchase Intention on sugar-free Candy Products of Consumers in Bangkok

The samples of study were sugar-free candy product customers in Bangkok. 400 respondents were being selected by using purposive sampling. The data was analyzed and evaluated by descriptive statistics including percentage, mean, standard deviation, and the inferential statistics, multiple regression, were used to test the hypotheses.

The findings revealed that brand Image, perceived usefulness and subjective norm had statistically significant impacts on intention to purchase sugar free candy products.

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