The Influences of Perceived Usefulness, Credibility, and Satisfaction on Repurchase Intention for Online Courses

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  • คมสัน ตันสกุล
Keywords: Perceived Usefulness, Credibility, Satisfaction, Repurchase Intention


This research was conducted with the aim of studying the influences of perceived usefulness, credibility, and satisfaction on Repurchase intention for online courses. The researcher selected 400 samples via convenience sampling method. The instrument in the study was a questionnaire with a total reliability of 0.857 and a validity check of content from experts. The descriptive statistics in the analysis were percentage, mean, and standard deviation. The inferential statistic was multiple regression analysis.

Most of the respondents are female and age between 31 – 40 years old. Their highest education is bachelor degree. Most of them are business employees and have income between 25,001 – 35,000 baths per month and study via the internet on average 3-5 times per month. The most important factor for the sample was credibility most commonly followed by perceived usefulness and satisfaction respectively. The hypothesis testing found that perceived usefulness, credibility, and satisfaction had a statically significant impact on repurchase intention for online courses at a level of 0.05.

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