Public Attitudes Towards The Implementation of The Urgent Policy of Prayuth Chan-Ocha’ S Government In 2019: A Case Study of Saraburi City Municipality, Saraburi Province

  • วรุฬห์ทิพย์ สุทธิประเสริฐ
  • ธำรงศักดิ์ เพชรเลิศอนันต์
Keywords: Attitude, Urgent Policy, Prayuth Chan-ocha’s Government


This research aimed to investigate the public attitudes towards the implementation of the urgent policy of the government led by Prayuth Chan-ocha in 2019 and to explore factors affecting the public opinions. The research applied quantitative methods. The instrument was a questionnaire completed by 400 samples living in Saraburi City Municipality, Saraburi Province.

The result revealed that the public attitudes were low (bar{x} = 2.31) in four areas including  the resolution of problems of quality of life (bar{x} = 2.31), the improvement of welfare and live quality (bar{x} = 2.44), economic measures against global economic fluctuations (bar{x} = 2.40)  , and the resolution of corruption and frauds among government officials and politicians ( overline{x} = 2.11)  .

The hypothesis testing result showed that age and gender did not affect the public attitudes whereas education, career, and monthly income affected the public attitudes with a significance level of 0.05.

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