Study the ABC Analysis for Operational Improvement and Warehouse Management

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Keywords: Optimization, Warehouse Management, Inventory Management


Study the theory studies to improve warehouse operations and management. The objectives are 1. To propose ways to increase warehouse management efficiency to be used in problem solving and standardization of work within the warehouse of the organization, and 2. To propose ways to increase the efficiency of warehouse management. Manage inventory, reduce Inventory in the organization

From the theory of warehouse operations improvement and management by specifying a solution by analyzing data by using ABC Analysis to determine the operation policy in warehouse A, Group A has a SKU quantity of 20.24%, a value of 73.64%. Group B has quantity. SKU 28.67%, value 20.03% and Group C had a volume of 51.10%, values 6.33%. Each product for each group includes standardized processes and can be checked for additional documents. Substances for use in tracking each step to be more efficient, including the process of withdrawing products from the warehouse and the process of ordering products into the warehouse Situation that will damage the warehouse again even if the ROP is assigned to each customer group by using the service level as a factor in determining the value of the orders of each customer group To increase the maximum response for customers.

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