Asset Management and the Development of Organizational Asset Management System : A Case Study of Internet Thailand PCL

  • ศฐิติยาภรณ์ แสงประกาย
  • กาญจนา กาญจนสุนทร
Keywords: Asset Management, System Development, QRCODE System, Employee Satisfaction


This research aims to study the concept of reducing repetitive asset purchase of organization, increasing efficiency in asset management and improving and developing asset management system of Internet Thailand PCL - by developing  QRCODE system for asset management system and questionnaires to survey 40 employees on their satisfaction using the QRCODE system.

The study found that the organization experienced various issues such as asset registration, system recording, asset inspection, asset write-off after sales, password setting and places for asset storage which can be solved by developing the asset management system of the organization using the QRCODE system. According to the survey, the employees of Internet Thailand PCL have high level of satisfaction using the QRCODE system which was measured in terms of easy-to-use, simple system instruction, relevance to the system, speed of data accessibility, sufficient resolution for use, and convenience to use, respectively.

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