Process Improvement for Document Production: A Case Study of Directorate of Logistics of the Air Force

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Keywords: Process Improvement for Production, Work Study, Cause-and-Effect Diagram, LEAN Manufacturing System


The purpose of this research study is to improve the document production process of the Transportation Control Department, Support Group,  Directorate of Logistics of the Air Force, which is responsible for producing work documents as follows: Type 1 (aircraft approval documents), Type 2 (moving explosive ammunition loaded with cars), and Type 3 (billing after the mission of the aircraft use). It was found that they were unable to produce  the documents to deliver in time. Therefore, the Work Study theory was applied to the study in order to improve the traditional work system. The root causes of the problem were also analyzed by the means of conferencing and brainstorming, considering the following factors: methods, man, machine, material and Mother Nature, as well as showing the causes of problems in the cause-and-effect diagram. Also, the layout of the work site and the worker's desk were adjusted, together with the working methods in the production of documents with LEAN manufacturing system by cutting unnecessary steps, rearranging work, and making it less complicated. The results showed that 16 steps in Type 1 can be reduced to 14, while 14 steps in both Type 2 and Type 3 can be reduced to 12  by unnecessary work method reduction. According to the Time Study, the total time for each type of document production is reduced. The total time spent for Types 1 was 183 minutes, decreasing to 87 minutes, and the efficiency rate rose by 52.45 percent. The total time spent for Type 2 was 165 minutes, decreasing to 74 minutes, and the efficiency rate rose by 55.15 percent. Lastly, the total time spent for Type 3 was 154 minutes, decreasing to 62 minutes, and the efficiency rate rose by 59.74 percent.

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